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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to apply to Buena Vida Coffee's Fall 2016 Student Team; we are excited to get to know you better. Working as a member of the Buena Vida Coffee team is a truly unique experience offered on Marquette's  campus. Buena Vida Coffee is more than selling socially responsible coffee, it is the opportunity to give back while getting hands-on experience in a start-up company. As a totally student-run business, our team is comprised of self-starters eager to make a difference while discovering the practical applications of  classroom knowledge.  

As a student run company, Buena Vida Coffee sells socially responsible speciality coffee nation wide and donates its profits to provide meals to children at Sociedad Amigos de los Niños orphanage in Honduras. Founded over 40 years ago by Sister Maria Rosa Leggol, Sociedad has provided a safe and happy environment for over 40,000 Honduran children. To learn more about the company, visit us at 

We are happy to do all that we can to assist you in earning internship credit with us, provided that you meet the requirements for earning independent study, internship or elective credit(s) within your college. If you are applying to Buena Vida Coffee, be sure to speak with your academic advisor about the possibility of academic credit. 

The goal of an internship or independent study with Buena Vida Coffee is to provide students with a unique, hands-on learning experience that develops transferable entrepreneurship and enterprise management skills through professional mentorship, daily management of business operations and thoughtful problem solving and strategic planning related to the entity. Additionally, students will be encouraged to discover their own leadership style, take on projects and explore ideas independently. All students who have completed one semester in the program are eligible to apply for a second semester in the same or different position.

" Buena Vida Coffee gives power to students like no other program I know of. It isn't theoretical or imagined: students are given the opportunities to work with money, customers and inventory. They do it first-hand, not looking over someone's shoulder, and the chance to problem-solve in a business like that is something most people will never have the opportunity to do. Because students are the decision-makers, they feel the repercussions of their choices quickly, and the learning is real. I am so grateful for the opportunities I was given through Buena Vida Coffee, and will continue to support the program in any ways I can."
                                   -Marian, Spring 2012-Spring 2013

If you have any questions, contact Tim Donovan at


Available Positions

All positions require passionate, dedicated and self-motivated individuals that are able to work and foster ideas both independently and collaboratively as a team. Applicants must be able to attend a MANDATORY team meeting on Mondays at 9:00 AM.


Account Specialist: The Account Specialist  is responsible for organizing fundraising groups and addressing all Buena Vida Coffee customer needs in a prompt, professional and friendly manner per company specifications.  Customer satisfaction and resolution are key components of this position in addition to strong understanding of Buena Vida Coffee products, policies and programs. In addition, the Account Specialist is responsible for maintaining all accounting and finance records for Buena Vida Coffee. Primary work will involve working with customers on placing orders and placing orders in accordance with company procedures, maintaining Accounts Receivables, and Accounts Payables, account reconciliation and reporting.

Graphic Designer: The Graphic Designer will work primarily on the Adobe Suite programs to design graphic content for web and print.  Applicants will be asked to work with other team members to create custom bag designs, promotional materials, web graphics, or website and shopping cart updates. Applicants should have a strong desire to tell the Buena Vida Coffee story through visual media and be willing to work with other team members and supervisors to create specific graphic content. S/he should be flexible and able to address design needs promptly,have proficiency with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, be willing to create multiple mock-ups, receive feedback and re-work graphics to create content that is to the specification of the customer, team member or supervisor and be self-motivated, creative and eager to learn.Previous experience with branding,, Microsoft Office programs, IT and basic coding is a plus. Creativity in developing materials is required.

Marketing Coordinator: The Marketing coordinator will work to steer marketing efforts of Buena Vida Coffee. This requires close work organizing and strategizing efforts of both the PR and Social Media Coordinator and the Graphic Designer. Other aspects of the position require Market Research using new and archival data, managing overseeing implementation of the company’s marketing strategy and plan and communication with the Director of Accounts to ensure strong  cross-company fluency in marketing program development and needs.

Multimedia Coordinator: The Multimedia Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to generate photo and video content for  use on the company’s YouTube channel and website. This includes conducting interviews and video projects, as well as maintaining the company’s phot library.  Applicants should have experience in video editing. Photography experience is also preferred but not required.

Partnerships & Outreach Coordinator: The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for maintaining and building relationships and communications with key partners to Buena Vida Coffee including, but not limited to, Global Brigades, Global Student Embassy, Sociedad Amigos de los Niños orphanage and any other existing relationships. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the position to serve as the liaison between Buena Vida Coffee and these partners while fostering new relationships as well. Applicants should be strongly self-directed, have strong oral and written communication skills and be flexible in time to meet the needs of the partners. Furthermore, additional responsibilities will include working with team members, specifically the Marketing Coordinator,  on the development of outreach strategies to advance Buena Vida Coffee partnerships. Experience with marketing is a plus.

Public Relations Assistant: The Public Relations Assistant is primarily responsible for engaging with our customers through weekly blog posts and monthly newsletters. S/he is also responsible for reaching out to media outlets on campus and in the greater Milwaukee community via press releases or other appropriate means. The Public Relations Assistant will be responsible for proofing all mass communication from Buena Vida Coffee to insure consistent voice and content as well as develop and monitor implementation of Buena Vida Coffee marketing strategies. This position requires strong written communication skills and the ability to maintain brand and messaging consistency across a variety of platforms.  Additionally, all candidates should be driven to seek out and create content and should seek customer engagement and feedback, and will work closely with the company Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Assistant to execute strategies. Experience with news outlets, professional uses of social media, marketing, campaigns and/or blogging is a plus.

Social Media Assistant :The Social Media Assistant is responsible for engaging with our customers through a variety of channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email Newsletters and our company website. The Social Media Assistant will work to as develop and monitor implementation of Buena Vida Coffee marketing strategies through the company marketing plan and editorial calendar. This position requires strong written communication skills and the ability to maintain brand and messaging consistency across a variety of platforms.  Additionally, all candidates should be driven to seek out and create content and should seek customer engagement and feedback. Experience with professional uses of social media, marketing, campaigns and/or hootsuite is a plus. 

Web Assistant: The Web Assistant is responsible for working with team members for maintenance and development of the company website. Primary tasks include website maintenance, page creation, coding, SEO optimization and other necessary tasks to improve the Buena Vida Coffee presence online. Other key components may be optimizing the website for mobile use. Applicants should have prior experience with web design and coding.

Wholesale Coordinator: The Wholesale Coordinator is primarily responsible for managing relationships with wholesale accounts and outlets. This includes maintenance and expansion of the Office Coffee program, Retail and Corporate Gifting programs. Working closely with other team members and supervisors is critical to the success and development of these programs. Applicants should be well-driven, personable and able to problem-solve in an effective and quick fashion. Experiences with market research or supply chain are a plus. Duties may include tasks such as regularly contacting and assisting customers, market research and preparing recommendations to leadership. This position requires the ability to develop creative content and strategies to enhance wholesale programs at Buena Vida Coffee. 

If you don't see a position on here, but think you have something great to bring to our team, we'd love to have you! Reach out and let us know.