Happy National Coffee Day!

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Could we survive without coffee? The answer is simple. No.

So, today we celebrate America’s most beloved beverage for kickstarting our mornings. In order to properly pay homage to the delicious brew, Buena Vida wants to offer a quick history.

Turns out we have Ethopia and goats to thank. According, to a legend coffee was discovered when a goat herder realized his goats were too energetic to sleep after eating berries from a coffee tree. From then on, word spread about coffee’s energetic effect. (National Coffee Association) 

Not only is coffee delicious, but there are several health benefits from drinking it. Researchers have found that coffee can help

  • Prevent liver disease
  • Improve cognitive function in older adults
  • Sharper memory
  • Increased athletic endurance
  • A reduced risk in type 2 diabetes

Buena Vida knows how important coffee is, which is why we are so happy to be a not-for-profit centered around socially responsible coffee in order to provide meals to children at Sociedad Amigos de los Niños Orphanage. Celebrate National Coffee Day by enjoying Buena Vida’s Nicaraguan coffee and by giving back! It’s a two for one deal that will make you feel energized and good about yourself!

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