Buena Vida Welcomes Spring!

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Spring into action!  Coffee is a staple item for any early bird! 

Our Sonrisa Blend  has a full body of Red Fruit and Citrus, a perfect combination to drink on a dewy, still morning.

Spring is about renewal; this is the time of  year to think about your own well-being. The weather warms the bones, comforting the heartbroken and the downtrodden, guiding them towards the full awareness of the healing powers of nature. 

Take time to 'just be.' Get organized and jot down a list of goals for this next month. Find peace in tending to a garden and then call your friends and host a brunch.  Abandon your 'wants' and be grateful for what you already have; Spring time brings people together.

Well wishes,

~Breanna West, Content Manager

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