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As you drive on the gravel roads through Honduras, your van stops. This is where you get off. The next community is about 2 miles away up the mountain. As you step out of the van, you look to the left, and in the distance, you see the vast and beautiful Caribbean Sea. As you look to your right, you gaze upward at the mountain and see the tops of the roofs peeking through the greenery. The hike up the mountain is not a difficult one. With a steady incline, you can relax and enjoy the walk with vibrant colors painting your way up to the village of tiny roofs.

You are too in awe of the scenery to notice that you have arrived at the village.

The community members greet you with wide smiles. Even though you are unable to speak their native Amerindian dialect, you can see how happy they are to have visitors and welcome you into their home. The conditions of these homes are less than ideal. The bathrooms are ramshackle sheds out in the back of the huts and are shared by many. Each of the village members try to find consistent work to help support their families no matter how grueling the work may be.

With being the second poorest country in Central America, it can be difficult for these families to stay together and support each other. In some situations, however, parents may not be able to support their children. The Honduran government had family and child services to help support these parents or provide the orphans with proper homes, but that will not be the case anymore. As of January 2016, the Honduran government is cutting their funding for the family and child services, and parents have abandoned their children in fear of not being able to take care of them. Sociedad Amigos de los Niños has taken these children under their wing in order to provide a better home for these children.

At Buena Vida Coffee, we believe that every child deserves a second chance at life. That is why we have made it our mission to provide one meal to a child at SAN for every bag of coffee, tin of hot chocolate, or t-shirt that we sell. SAN works hard to create a loving community for all of their children, and at BVC, we are doing our best to help support SAN with one meal at a time. 

If you would like to learn more about SAN and how to sponsor a child through Friends of Honduran Children, click here, or purchase coffee, hot chocolate, or BVC apparel to provide a meal to a child from SAN. 

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