Child Sponsorship: Friendship and Hope

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The Buena Vida Coffee model of providing one meal for every bag sold connects our company back to the children at the Sociedad Amigos de los Niños orphanage in Honduras. Unfortunately, until now, we haven't done a great job of sharing the children we are supporting with you. 

Friends of Honduran Children is one of several organizations that work to support the children at Sociedad through direct sponsorship programs. We are eager to begin working with them in a new capacity by introducing children that need sponsors to our community of great supporters. Providing meals is one thing, but we are excited to finally introduce you to the faces our contributions support. Since 2012, we have been able to provide 21, 800 meals to the children at Sociedad and hope to provide even more meals to more faces.

Through Friends of Honduran Children, individuals are able to partially or fully sponsor a child. Sponsorship Director, Susan Weber, shared "Right now we have almost 225 children living in the three main projects (Nuevo Paraiso, Pedro Atala and Santiago Apostol).  These children range in age from newborn to 20 years old.  We have recently taken in nearly 15 babies under the age of one - and these all need sponsors." As their website states, " sponsorship offers friendship and hope for a better future." Sponsoring a child brings many benefits beside showing the child how much you care. Included with sponsorship are a profile and photos, a summer update and a Christmas letter. In addition, Sponsors have the opportunity to send small notes, gifts, etc. at designated times throughout the year. Sponsorship is an easy way to share the good life with others. 




"We have sponsorships of $35/month and we need seven sponsors per child ($245/month).  While some of our children are fully sponsored the majority are still in need of sponsors.  I am happy to help people choose a child...based on name, birthdate, gender, age, location, etc," Weber offered.  



So where do the sponsorship funds go? Weber outlined, "the entire amount of donations go directly to Sociedad Amigos de los Niños as FHC is a fully volunteer organization. These sponsorship dollars are critical as sponsorship covers all matters related to the care of children (food, health care, housemothers, school, clothing etc)."

"While we may not be able to change the entire world, we can definitely change the life of a child in Honduras!"

- Susan Weber, Sponsorship Director, Friends of Honduran Children

We hope you find it in your heart to help sponsor a child today! We will be featuring children in need of sponsors in each of our newsletters. Follow along, and meet the faces your coffee purchases support!


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