New Social Media Hashtags Explained

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If you are ever curious about the new hashtags this semester, here is a guide to fully understand what they mean. We had a previous post about the themes but here is an insight to the new and improved ones:


#MindfulMonday- Most Mondays people are tired from the weekend and looking for some motivation to get them through the day. We normally post quotes with some daily inspiration to keep in mind throughout the day. By starting out the day with something to be mindful of, it makes the first of the week much more bearable.


#TantalizingTuesday- For Tuesdays, we usually tweet something that is either edible or promote some of our very own goods. Because who doesn’t like desserts and coffee? It can range from videos of cappuccino how-tos to recipes for different baked goods. Yummy!


#WitWednesday- Similar to Monday, Wednesday is the middle of the week and people need something to keep them motivated. The quotes chosen for Wednesday are more witty and insightful. The idea is to keep people going, and put a smile on their face.


#ThrowbackThursday- A popular hashtag that can be found on Instagram, our throwback is generally something related to past events that are relevant to our company. For example, we might have pictures of Global Brigades trips or videos of Sister Maria Rosa and her awards. A history of coffee culture is sometimes featured as well.


#FairTradeFriday- This hashtag was used last semester and is a good way to raise awareness for the fair trade cause. The Fair Trade label certifies that workers are being treated with dignity and the surrounding communities are benefitting from it. This can include articles about fair trade as well as videos that explain how impactful fair trade is.


Getting through the week can have its ups and downs, but with some inspiration, recipes, and videos, it can be a lot more exciting! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, @BuenaVidaCoffee and like our Facebook page to stay updated.

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