BVC Heads to California for Global Brigades Student Leadership Conference

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This past August, from the 9th to 11th, Buena Vida Coffee had the privilege of attending the 1st ever Global Brigades Student Leadership Conference held in Berkeley, California.
The purpose of the conference was to better equip Brigaders with knowledge and tools to run their chapters and take an active role in the growth of Global Brigades. At the conference 255 students from 137 universities enjoyed a weekend full of informational activities, inspirational speeches, and progressive discussions sure to impact the immediate Brigading season. Our goal of attending the conference was to raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities that a Buena Vida Coffee fundraiser can provide Global Brigade chapters.  We were ready and waiting with free coffee for the
attendees throughout the weekend and happily gave advice and information on how we operate as a fundraiser
Pete Brumbaugh, the Director of Sustainability for Global Brigades, delivered a riveting presentation on the multitude of fundraisers available to Global Brigade chapters. We are flattered to be the 3rd highest ranking fundraiser, and the only product fundraiser across all of Global Brigades.

We brewed four pounds of coffee over the three days at the conference and handed out over 200 sample packs of Buena Vida Coffee for attendees to take home. Moreover, the weekend was a fantastic bonding experience for all in attendance. From nightly excursions to downtown San Francisco, to a scavenger hunt, the 2013 Global Brigades Student Leadership Conference was a huge success.

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