Local Paper Mill Finds Use from Burlap Coffee Bags

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Over 10 millions burlap coffee bean sacks are shipped around the world every month and after the beans are used, thousands of tons of burlap bags are then just thrown into landfills with all of the other waste. Burlap bags are made from woven fibers from the skin of a jute plant, they are considered, "eco friendly," but with the high quantity used, it is not ideal situatution. Furthermore, this is when local George A. Whiting Paper Co., of Menasha, WI, is one of the oldest in the United States, came up with a new use of these bags. 

CEO Tom Danz of Whiting Co. came up with a method of taking the fibers from the bags and pulping them into paper after much trial and error. Danz later continued to experiment until he found a method where he was able to run the burlap bag fibers through a single mill paper machine, as typical wood-based paper was made. 

The paper made from the burlap bags will be used for artists’ sketch books, stationary and stiff card-stock used for gift card holders to name a few. Whiting Co. is hoping this will target a niche market in sustainable products, and help the paper mill continue its success in the business. 

To read the full original story, check out the link at JSOnline.

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