Milwaukee, A Fair Trade City

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Did you know the city Buena Vida Coffee is established and working in is actually the first large Fair Trade City! In 2007, Mayor Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee Fair Trade Coalition and the support of Aldermen Tony Zielinski succeeded in passing a Common Council resolution declaring the City of Milwaukee a “Fair Trade City.”

To be considered a Fair Trade city, Milwaukee has to obey the following criteria:

  1. Local council passes a resolution supporting Fair Trade.
  2. Range of Fair Trade products are available in many local venues.
  3. Fair Trade products are used by many community organizations.
  4. The public has demonstrated their support for Fair Trade.
  5. Fair Trade steering group is convened to ensure continued commitment to Milwaukee’s Fair Trade Town status.

The Milwaukee Fair Trade Coalition works to promote the benefits of buying fair goods to the residents in the greater Milwaukee area. With their efforts they bring visibility to the locally owned fair trade businesses & product distributors through education, in hopes of bringing a better understanding of why fair trade goods are so important! 

In addition the coalition holds a few special events annually. First in May the have The Greater Milwaukee Fair Trade “Crawl.” Every second Saturday in May, more than 30 fair trade shops in Milwaukee come together and celebrate by offerings specials, samples and lectures.  October holds a sponsored calendar of events and special deals to promote Fair Trade Month. And lastly the coalition works with students groups and organizations to promote fair trade through the holiday season by holding shopping bazaars on campuses and churches to special events in metro areas. 

Milwaukee should be proud to be declared a Fair Trade City. It means they are a dedicated community who use their buying powers to improve lives all over the world. To learn more about the other Fair Trade Towns visit If you want to change your buying habits and help other across the world visit the coalition “Where to Buy” page & for more information about the organization visit their website at

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