Honduras & Buena Vida Coffee's Connection

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Honduras is a country that Buena Vida Coffee has a couple ties with.  One being we have a coffee, the mild Organic Fair Trade roast, which gets its beans from the local farmers in Honduras.  Also for every bag of coffeethat is sold, we donate one meal to one child at Sociedad Amigos de los Niños Orphanage in Honduras. Because of those special ties, we want to share a little bit more about this Central American country! 

Honduras is located in the lower half of Central America, with a widespread of forested and mountainous features. There are over seven million people living in Honduras. The country is largely mestizo, which in Latin America means a mixed race person with offspring from Spaniards and American Indian. The country prominently speaks Spanish, with some English in selected areas. 

Although Honduras is one of the region’s poorest nations, they are able to keep their economy up through tourist revenue and agriculture. Honduras has a plethora of bananas, and our favorite, coffee! Not only do they grow the coffee beans, but we are fortunate enough to have them export those beans, so we are able to deliver you a cup of organic, & fair trade roast every morning! 

We hope learning a little more about Honduras and our ties with the country, makes you continue drinking our Honduran coffee & supporting the children at Sociedad Amigos de los Niños as well as the farmers who are growing/harvesting the coffee beans! 

All information was gathered with help from National Geographic

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